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Hello everyone, I'm glad to have found this forum because I need some help. I really want to try and avoid having to call a Plumber. I'am pretty sure I can do this myself, I just need step by step instructions and also a list of the exact tools and items I need Now let me telll you my plumbing issue and problem I have a galvanized metal pipe, it is the water pipe. I have about a 1 ft. section of the pipe that is rusting really bad and leaking really bad I have try everything from Flex Seal to compound clay to repair clamps to stop the leaking. Nothing I've done or try thus far has work. I'm pretty sure that the small section of galvanized metal pipe is going to have to be taken out and replace with a section of PVC pipe The size of the galvanized metal pipe is 1 / 2 inchs around Is there any other options out there I can try without having to replace that section of pipe? If I need to replace that section of pipe, what are all the tools and items I need in order to complete the task? Also, I'm sorry I can't show any pic's, it is pretty dark up under the house and I try to take pic's but I couldn't That is the only section of pipe that is leaking. It is causing the yard to be soaked and under the house has a couple of inches of water If anyone wants to know any additional details, please don't hesitate to ask. I really need some help with this and I would be grateful for any help
Category: Plumber Post By: RAMON SANTIAGO (Edmonds, WA), 07/19/2016

Tools needed: -2 pipe wrenches 14in or 18in long depending on crawl space -a saw to cut the metal pipe -Thread tape and pipe dope - depending on type of pipe you use may need stuff to put it together First you will want to cut the galvanized pipe that's leaking and then unthread the pipe out of the two fittings it screws into. Then inside those fittings you will add a 1/2 in brass nipple 3inches long will do and tighten that up real good Then you will need 1/2 in female adapters that will fit over the nipples and for what ever pipe you will use if it's a hot line you cannot use pvc but cpvc is fine and then get your length of pipe and put it all together The link I attached is a good example of a diy fix I would not use the shark bites that's taboo in my field but it can be done that way too

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (North Miami, FL), 09/15/2017

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