Forum Title: How to plumb a double-vanity set of sink drains, on an outside wall in N.J.
Hi All, We will be having a contractor coming to gut a bathroom down to the bare studs for a remodel (in New Jersey). A new double-vanity will go along an outside wall, which formerly was a single vanity several feet away on an inside wall (requiring new drain venting). I understand the hot and cold lines must go through the floor to avoid freezing, however: 1) I was wondering if the two sink drains are expected to go through the floor as well, or should/could the drains be plumbed through the outside wall? 2) Would you guys recommend sending the drain vent(s) through the outside wall up to the roof or would you recommend using a Mechanical Vent(s) instead (I think this is also called an AAV)? ps: This bathroom is on the top floor, and the outside wall is near the lowest point of the roof, not near a window, and has an eve/overhang. The two sinks will be a few feet apart with drawers in between. Thank you so much! JMC
Category: Plumber Post By: KATIE CONTRERAS (Noblesville, IN), 12/22/2016

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo always go thru the roof with a vent, those aav things cause nothing but trouble Thanks for replying so quick, Frodo! To achieve this, does that assume that the drain from the double sinks could (or would need to) go in the cold outside wall? ps: I imagine that also means 2 vents going up? (the center of the sinks will be 4.28 feet from each other) Thanks again for your help! JMC

- MAUREEN BENSON (Concord, CA), 09/08/2017

i have no idea where your existing plumbing is located, so i can not tell you what needs to be done a picture or something. ?? what state are you in ? what is the weather like ? come up thru the floor. run the vent,,stub out of the wall at 28'' set cabint.. blumb the drain s at the back of the cabinet. hook up the vent to th pipe you stubbed out

- Lyndi (Boise City, ID), 09/21/2017

always go thru the roof with a vent, those aav things cause nothing but trouble

- LEAH BARBER (Burnsville, MN), 10/08/2017

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