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How to know you have a plumbing clog?

It is interestingly true that plumbing clogs are among the most common issues that homeowners face. There are numerous reasons that give birth to these unwanted clogs. For example, if you let the wrong foods slips down the drain, and at the same time toiletries, toothpaste and similar materials can gum up the pipes in no time. Experts are of the opinion that it is a good idea to get in touch with a professional plumber in case of a plumbing clog. This is because store-bought solutions like cleansers or snakes rarely do the job as effectively as they should.

  • The most obvious sign or a growing clog is water draining more slowly down your pipes than you’d expect, or even water which refuses to drain at all. If it’s the kitchen sink that’s affected, you might want to run the garbage disposal to see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, you’re likely looking at a clog.
  • Food or other material which gets trapped in your pipes can give off an odor after several days or more. The same holds true if the pipe that carries waste water gets clogged. If there’s an odd or unpleasant smell coming from your pipes, you’d best call a plumber to give it a look. He will look into the matter and decide accordingly.

Strange noises can include anything from dripping noises after the faucet is turned off to gurgling sounds which occur when the water runs through the substance causing the clog. Even if the source lies elsewhere, noises like this are a good reason to call a plumber.

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